A Wonderful Thing Happened Yesterday…

(A Reflection on What’s Happening! By Retired Rev. Kay Alewine)

Having recently moved back home to Galveston, TX (Born On the Island, 1940), I have finally reached a point where things are in place enough that I can begin to renew acquaintances with people in former congregations.  Yesterday I visited Grace United Methodist Church in Texas City, where I had once been Pastor.  Their pastor, Rev. Michael Scalora, gave a wonderful Word-based sermon (my favorite kind!) and Jon Roush, (Lay Reader) read the scriptures without error, as usual!  Their pianist is the amazingly gifted Kathie Bryant who played as always with such vim and vigor, with Pastor Michael singing along – WHAT A WONDERFUL SERVICE!

There’s nothing quite like a retired pastor getting to visit a church where they served for more than a few years!  What I was most blessed to see was that they came together! – they even sat down front!!! (I could never get them to do that!), and the physical improvements on the buildings had continued!  New air-conditioners for the Sanctuary!  Woo-Hoo! and Glory to God!

To hear Sally Epler announce the United Methodist Women’s “Call to Prayer and Self-Denial” in preparation for Lent was like music to my ears and having Shawn Bergman sitting on the front pew was another reminder of his amazing faithfulness to his congregation.

Each of the hugs were like honey from heaven June Simpson, Dallene, Betty, Jerry, Janie, Jean, June – with one of the biggest hugs of all coming from Patresa Phelps, who had made a beautiful diary case with the Star of David cross-stiched on the front of it and had given it to me as a parting gift when I moved on to another call.

And then I must remember my very dear friend, Randalle Slawson who invited my son, Kenneth, and I to visit Grace once again in the first place!

Surely, the good days like these don’t last forever, do they???  Hmmm…

So what are are we to do when the days get tough???…When the days seem hum-drum – nothing special going on?

OR Most Especially – When everything that could go wrong goes wrong?  When the bottom drops out and we feel like there’s NO WAY OUT!  Sometimes we experience the most horrible days one after another, after another, after another for weeks – and yes, even months at a time..   Unless…    We can remember that poster years ago that showed a little yellow kitten hanging onto a knot in a piece of yarn???  We tie a knot and HANG ON, my friends!

We give each day the best we’ve got!  Jesus said we are to be lights to the everyday world!  Lights SHINE!  Lights brighten the darkness that tries so hard to get us down and out!  Light shines whenever we have a smile on our face!  Whenever we tell those working to serve us “I appreciate you!”  A few words!  A word of appreciation!  Come on, my friends!


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3 Responses to A Wonderful Thing Happened Yesterday…

  1. Mary Margaret McKinney says:

    Friendship makes the world go around! And Church Friends make the world a better place!

    • revalewine says:

      Oh how good to hear from you once again! Friends are friends forever when the Lord’s the Lord of them! Thank you for blessing me with your love over the years!

  2. This is lovely. What a nice story about your visit with old friends.

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