Are You Prepared? Part One

As much as I would love to keep on sharing the amazingly beautiful flora/fauna of Galveston, due to recent world circumstances, I believe it is for us time to study a more troublesome topic so that as events ranging from serious to tragic events begin to happen to Americans and the peoples of Europe, Scandinavia, the Middle East, Russia, Africa and throughout all the world – especially in North/South Korea, all of China, Tibet, and throughout Hong Kong and Malaysia, and into Tibet and India.  Why, you might ask? Because the Enemy of our souls (our minds, our wills, and emotions) has unleashed the power that Adam and Eve surrendered to Him when they BOTH ate of the Tree of Life in the Garden of Eden!  Yes, Eve ate the first bite, being foolishly lured into believing what haSatan was telling her so she could be “as wise as God.”

But her husband Adam had been told the same lie and acted upon it as did Eve! – even though he, too, had been given an additional command from God telling him to “guard the Garden!”  Not only was Adam to tend/look after the Garden and all the animals/life within it – to “guard” in the original Hebrew meant to keep out ANY and ALL INTRUDERS – ESPECIALLY HA SATAN WHO WAS TEMPTING THEM TO BREAK GOD’S WORDS!

For all the years I served as a pastor, I taught Bible Studies that focused on both the Old Testament and the New Testament – focusing in on the original languages in which each was written.  While I was serving my first appointment in Arp, Texas, a small community of less than 900 people deep in the piney woods of Northeast Texas, I attended a Bible Study one night in a small hotel meeting room in Tyler, Texas that TOTALLY turned my Biblical understanding upside down and backwards!

There were two teachers who team-taught a study focusing on BOTH the Hebrew and Aramaic/Greek languages of the Old AND the New Testaments.  They introduced themselves as Bill Cloud and Brad Scott and each of them floored me (and evidently everyone else who attended) with truths about the Bible I had never heard before!

Their main shared theme was that as serious students of the Bible we needed to know that for each of us to truly understand the End Times – we need to know as well, (and even better) the beginning and entirety of the Old Testament!

I had NEVER heard such teaching in my entire life—learning/memorizing the Bible in the First Baptist Church of Galveston – THE first Southern Baptist Church in Texas!  Col. William Barrett Travis and David Crockett who died defending the Alamo were ordained to preach, as was Gen. Sam Houston, who though horribly wounded, led the Battle of San Jacinto and his meager army of wounded, crippled militia of Texians defeated General Santa Anna that won Texas her Independence from Mexico in 1836!

So beginning with this posting, I want each of you to understand that there is no exact English interpretation of the Bible, with the best English interpretation being the New American Standard Bible (NASB) that can be found online at Amazon      or in a Bible Bookstore. Amen!  Kay


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