Are You Prepared? Part 2

By Retired Pastor, Rev. Kay Alewine

“To know the end, one must know the beginning.”  (Isa. 46:10, My own trans.)

I was totally confused!  The illustration that both gave means that if we want to know what happens in the End Times when Jesus will come for His Bride, we need to be in deep study of the Book of Exodus – for when that particular Pharaoh dealt with Moses he was full of the Devil Himself because the Egyptians all believed in many gods…and “whatever Pharaoh wanted, Pharaoh got!”  (God was “watching over” Moses as his mother put him in a basket covered in “pitch” (tar) -so the basket would float- when Pharaoh’s childless daughter came to take her bath in the Nile.

It is NO accident she was childless; or came at that precise time to find Moses; or that she took Moses home with her to be raised as her son in the court of Pharaoh!  (Did you know the familiar Hebrew translation of “Pharaoh” means “Big Mouth”???  Ha!  Take that, Devil!

Yes, I was shaken to my spiritual core – but I knew, that I knew, that I knew (an old pioneer expression that means “You better believe this!  It’s TRUE! It’s the Word of God”)

I was literally quivering all over (a sign the “Ruach” (Holy Spirit) is saying, ‘Listen!  Pay close Attention’!  Then they both told the REAL story of why God did what He did the way He did it!

Long before “time” as we know it ever began, Long before the heavens and the earth or the universe were ever created the Devil was God’s (Elohim’s) favorite Angel and was appointed by God (Elohim –Father, Son and Holy Spirit in One Being) to lead the music for all the other Angels to sing!  (There are no female angels – only males can be angels according to God’s Will!)

…Continuing on (More details later) Abraham – appointed by God to be the father of all peoples even though he had nothing but idolatry ALL his life-God called Moses by his name and prophesied that he would be the “Father of many nations” – meaning that all who would ever live from that point throughout our own day until the Millennium has been completed – ALL will be able to have Elohim as their Eternal Guide AND that the Blood of Jesus that He shed on the cross covers ALL our sins –  past, present and future as we repent!!!


Bill and Brad explained that there was a fierce struggle within Sarah’s womb between the twins because they supernaturally knew that the firstborn always got the main inheritance left by the father!  It’s ALL ABOUT MONEY, folks – just follow the money and you’ll always find out whose really in charge!  BUT GOD turned the tables on the fighting twins and told Abraham that the “Second Born Child” in this instance would receive the inheritance (which was beyond HUGE even by today’s standards)!  Keep in mind that Sarah is eavesdropping at one point and learns the Truth!  From that point, Abraham favors Esau, a hunter who kills everything he sees for the fun of it, and Sarah favors her second-born son Jacob, who is a musician, scholar, and poet at heart, and is assigned to watch over the many flocks of Abraham!

For years I had heard that the name “Jacob meant “usurper” but that night I learned that Jacob’s Hebrew name actually meant “supplanter”!  Easu won the battle in Sarah’s womb – BUT Jacob won the battle OUTSIDE her womb!

(Where it REALLY counted!)  Woo-Hoo . . . and Praise God!


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